WISA-PremiumCut Grey

WISA Plywood

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    WISA-PremiumCut Grey is a high performance panel designed for the needs of the die-cutting industry. The excellent strength properties enable die-cutting of small boxes with excellent accuracy. The lacquered grey surface offers a great, smart looking base for gluing rubbers – being hygienic and easy to clean at the same time.


    • Long service life due to good durability
    • Homogeneous structure with minimised moisture movement and strict thickness tolerances enables accuracy in die-cutting
    • Wide size range and smart look
    • Possibility to customise according to your needs
    • Also available uncoated
    • Special lacquer to minimize moisture movement as well as reduce combustion gases during laser cutting


    • Die-cutting Industry – flat die tools for
    • Long series
    • Small sized boxes with large amount of multiples per one die tool


    Cross-bonded interior gluing according to EN 314-2 (Plywood – Bonding) class 1 interior.


    Face veneer: Qualities S and BB.
    Coating: Grey UV lacquer on both sides.
    Other colour options: Transparent and green, other colours are available subject to agreement. The lacquer coating does not contain benzophenon. WISA-PremiumCut is also available unlacquered.
    Edge protection: Coated panels have edges sealed with lacquer.


    Nominal thickness (mm) Min. thickness (mm) Max. thickness (mm) Weight (kg/m2)
    (MC 10%)
    9 8.8 9.5 6.1
    12 11.5 12.5 8.2
    15 14.5 14.9 10.2
    18 17.6 18.0 12.2
    21 20.0 20.9 14.3

    Thickness tolerances fulfi l the requirements of EN 315 (Plywood – tolerances for dimensions) and are in part tighter. Other thicknesses are available upon request.

    Product brochure

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