WISA Plywood

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    WISA-Form MDO is a coated special plywood for use in loose panel concrete formwork.

    Base board

    Plywood made solely from spruce (softwood) veneers bonded together in a cross banded construction.


    Phenolic resin cross-bonded weather resistant glueing according to EN 314-2/class 3.

    Surface and edges

    Face: MDO coating, for matt concrete finish.
    Reverse: Dark brown phenolic film with imprinted text “WISA-Form MDO” as moisture barrier.
    Edge sealing: Water resistant paint, light brown.

    Thicknesses and weight

    Nominal thickness (mm) Min. thickness (mm) ​Max. thickness (mm) Weight kg/m2 (MC 10 %)
    18 ​17.1 ​18.1 8.3

    Panel size

    2440 x 1220 mm
    Size tolerance (length/width) ±1mm per metre
    Squareness tolerance ±1mm per metre length of diagonal


    Typical number of reuses is likely to be in the range of 10 – 15 times. However, the number of reuses will depend on a wide range of factors including good site practice, the required concrete finish, careful handling & storage of forms and the type and quality of release agent.

    Form release agents

    The selection of the most suitable release agent will ensure cleaner striking of the forms and thus more reuses, as well as better quality concrete finishes. The chemically active release agents are considered to be the most suitable for MDO coating.

    Important note: MDO coating is not pre-oiled and must be oiled twice before first use, and thereafter once before each subsequent reuse of the form.

    Product brochure

    WISA-Form MDO

    WISA Concrete Forming plywood – 218 B

    WISA Guide to Good Site Practice – 43 KB

    WISA Site Guidance Note – 155 KB

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