UPM ProFi Deck 150

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UPM ProFi Deck Biofore

Europe’s original design decking.

First launched in 2007, UPM ProFi Deck is 10 years old. Although the boards have benefited from continual improvement, the spirit of UPM ProFi Deck remains constant: to provide a fresh and modern look combined with superior performance.

In performance UPM ProFi Deck is no ordinary decking. By combining high impact grade polypropylene with cellulose fibres, its engineered hollow structure has exceptional strength properties.

Whenever a fresh and modern look is desired, UPM ProFi Deck 150 is ideal: whether for residential or harder wearing public decking.


Due to the innovative use of recycled materials, UPM ProFi Deck has won several international awards.



UPM ProFi Deck’s range of seven colours has been inspired by Finnish nature: a land of lakes, forest, and granite, of the midnight sun and snow filled winters.
The clean Nordic look allows you to take a fresh and modern approach to outdoor design.
UPM ProFi Product Specifications Colors


UPM ProFi Product Specifications

UPM ProFi Deck 150 System Components

UPM ProFi Deck Installation Instructions (PDF)



UPM ProFi WPC Design Deck | Deckplanner

Design your deck online!

Design your own decking with UPM ProFi online tool.

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Intelligent deck design

Designed in Finland and manufactured in Germany, UPM ProFi Deck’s high impact resistant hollow structure enables intelligent deck design.


UPM ProFi Rail Step

The best stair & edge solution

  • For elegant and hard wearing stairs or deck and pool edges.
  • Available in all UPM ProFi Deck 150 colours.


UPM ProFi Deck 150 UV+

For hot climates and high UV radiation

  • Specially designed to withstand hotter climates and areas with higher UV levels, including higher altitude locations and countries in the southern hemisphere.
  • The surface will remain harder in hotter temperatures and is more resistant to the accelerated fading effects of higher UV radiation found in elevated areas and certain parts of the southern hemisphere.

Maintenance (PDF)


UPM ProFi Benefits

Low maintenance . High friction wet or dry . Lignin-free colour durability . High impact strength, better scratch resistance . Zero degree incline possible. Recycled and recyclable . Quick to install . Smart installation solution . Splinter free, warm to touch

Family Brochure (PDF)
UPM ProFi Deck Technical Specification (PDF)