Ultralam LVL

Ultralam - Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

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    Universal Plywoods is now the exclusive distributor in Sub-Saharan Africa for Ultralam™ LVL products.

    UltralamLVL is manufactured using a combination of Nordic Spruce veneers and Nordic Larch veneers which are laminated in the same direction. Made in a continuous press, LVL is the new age of wood engineering.

    Ultralam™’s LVL advantages include:

    • High Strength
    • Dimensional stability
    • Guaranteed technical data
    • Light weight, simple installation
    • Corrosion resistance

    Ultralam™ is used in roof structures, ceilings, concrete forms, wall and floor frames, lintels for doors and windows, flanges in I-joists, scaffold planks.


    Ultralam LVL Plywood

    Ultralam™ – Laminated Veneer Lumber or commonly known as LVL. Ultralam™ LVL has the following advantages: high structural strength, dimensional stability, guaranteed technical data, light weight, simple installation, corrosion resistance.

    Types of Ultralam™

    Ultralam™ R

    Most effective in supporting structural elements. The grain runs in the same direction in all the layers of veneer.

    Used for:

    • Concrete formwork beams
    • Load beams
    • I-joists
    • Lintels for doors and windows
    • Scaffold planks

    Ultralam™ X

    About 20% of veneers in the billet have crossply position. This significantly increases the permissible side loading, stability of shape and rigidity.

    Used in:

    • Wall panels
    • Floor supports
    • Concrete forming

    Ultralam™ I

    Effective as bearing element for reduced loads. The grain runs in the same direction in all the layers of veneer.

    Used in:

    • Partition walls
    • Trussing systems (ridge beams, ceiling rafters, trusses)
    • Ceilings
    • Floor supports
    • Concrete forming
    • Timber frame construction

    Quick assembly due to the ready-to-use prefab panels and installation of high strength frames without heavy lifting equipment.

    Light weight of structures results in less loads on soils and gives way to the usage of economical foundations.

    Usage of timber frames and modern insulation materials allows to construct ‘breathing’ houses, being warm during winter time and cool in the summer.

    Houses have practically no shrinkage.

    Affordable price. Economical foundations, standard elements and quick assembly result in price reduction.





    Ultralam LVL plywood

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