SECA profiled timber


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    SECA combines 100 years’ tradition of family owned business and the resulting depth of experience with innovation fuelled by constant contact with partners: both at the supply and at the market end.

    Standard range of wood profiles is available in various different woods and sizes; it covers profiles for ceilings and walls, solid wood floors, structural timber and attractive decking for terraces.

    Most common wood species used for SECA profiled timber

    • Spruce is a good solution for the interior and for facades which are not directly exposed to weather.
    • Siberian larch is generally considered as a very durable wood species. The slightly red surface turns grey after being exposed to weather without using a surface treatment.
    • Thermic treated pine is very durable solution for outdoor using. The manufacturing process of Thermo-Wood is based on the use of high temperature (185-225 °C) and steam. The process improves dimensional stability and biological durability of wood.

    Which SECA profile is the best for your project?

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    Which SECA profile is the best for your project - pdf

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