Pine Shutter Ply – C+/C

    * required

    Base Board:

    Engineered solely out of 100% softwood Pine veneers, bonded together in a cross banded construction.


    Phenol Formaldehyde glues, suitable for exterior applications, all glue lines are tried and tested WBP (Water Boil Proof).

    Surface and edges:

    Face & reverse: Made with face and back veneers of lower density and strength values with one side repaired and touch sanded (C+) and the opposite side un-sanded and un-repaired (C).

    Edge sealing:  None

    Applications & comments:

    Horizontal formwork for decks, slabs and applications where a barrier is sought. Concrete surfaces to a very low specification and timber grain transfer finishes. General use plywood for concrete forming use applications and can last 2-3 pours.

    Panel size

    Standard panel sizes:
    2440 x 1220 x 4/6/9/12/16/18/21/25/32mm
    Cut sizes at customer’s request
    Size tolerance (length/width) ± 1-2mm per metre
    Squareness tolerance ±1-2mm per metre length of diagonal

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