3 Ply Yellow Melamine Spruce Panels


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    General Information:

    Extraform concrete shuttering panels (Extrapanel) are high-quality, 3-ply wooden panels, made of spruce wood acquired from sustainable forests. The panels are fully coated with a highly resistant melamine resin, giving them excellent protection. They are mostly used for concrete formwork, but can also be used for other purposes due to their exceptional functionality. They are distinguished for their superior quality, durability and multiple uses. 3 Ply Yellow Melamine panels offer a timber grain transfer onto the concrete soffit and do offer smoother finishes as they are used.



    • Product: 3-ply concrete formwork panel coated with melamine resin that allows a resistant and smooth surface
    • Wood species: Spruce
    • Wood moisture: 12 % +/- 2 % at delivery
    • Thickness: 21 mm, 27 mm
    • Weight: 21 mm = 10 kg/m2; 27 mm = 12,3 kg/m2
    • Surface protection: Highly resistant melamine coating, extremely smooth surface
    Thickness mm 21, 27, 30
    Width mm 500/750/1000
    Length mm 2000, 2500, 3000

    Spruce 3 PlyThe diagram shows how the panel reacts when loaded, considering the space intervals in between the supporting elements. Therefore q stands for uniform load (in KN/m2 units), l stands for the space interval in between the supporting elements and f (bending) is stated in mm.


    Extrapanel Brochure – 671 KB

    Extrapanel Technical Specifications – 843 KB

    Extraform General Usage Instructions – 441 KB

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