Vinaboard Phenolic Film Face Plywood - superior quality hardwood plywood.

Offers you three advantages:
  • Elaborately chosen tree species best fit for coated plywood; Multi-layered feature.
  • Water and weather proof phenolic adhesive of the best quality.
  • Alkali resistent, surface won't decay, good for multiple applications.

Vinaboard ensures high perfomance and durable products which is achieved through a well-equipped factory, capable production & management team and high quality raw materials.

Technical Information

Vinaboard Technical Information


SINOTURK Vinoboard has recently ventured into tropical plantation projects.

In these projects, eucalyptus and rubber species have been selected with the aim of ensuring long term log supplies for their plywood production.

Rubber Tree

Rubber Tree

Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus Tree

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