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UPM Grada is a wood material, which can be formed with heat and pressure. UPM Grada is plywood, but instead of glue, Grada have a thermoplastic coating between the veneer layers. The new Grada technology developed by UPM shortens the form pressing process and increases its efficiency.
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UPM Grada opens up a whole new world of design.
Traditional limitations of form pressing are now in the past. Pre-machining, multi-stage forming and the ability to form only a selected part of the component allow designers what was previously impossible, possible.
Form pressed components can also be equipped with inserts for the fixing of electrical power circuiting. All this with production efficiency like no other. A single UPM Grada component can be formed in less than one minute. Imagine that – 60 components in an hour! Best of all, form pressing with UPM Grada can be fully automated. Alternatively, it only takes one person to operate a UPM Grada form pressing unit in a manual run. All this with unforeseen design opportunities.
For more information about hot forming process, please check out our "About Plywood" page.

UPM GRADA Products: