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Poplar plywood (or poplar particleboard) is widely used in interiors and its adaptability to a plurality of forms and applications makes it is one of the most common materials used to produce furniture. Panels are light but stable, white and with other properties of Italian poplar wood. Poplar is used to manufacture almost every type of furniture: kitchens, structures for sofas and armchairs, sideboards, wall cupboards, doors, tables, drawers, beds, shelves, desks, cabinets for bathrooms and more ...


Poplar plywood panels can be widely used in the building industry to finish interiors, to make doors, windows, door and window frames and floors. Often the panel becomes a part of the house as wood base for parquets which is coated with other wood essences or painted. If the panel is visible the end result is characterized by natural-looking elements, pleasant warmth and by a familiar atmosphere.


Good strength in holding fastening systems, easiness in finishing, an excellent relationship between weight and performance, fire resistance, and in general the low weight of the panel make poplar plywood manufactured by Invernizzi a key material to build the structures of any caravan, motorhome, mobile shop or commercial vehicle. Fire reaction panels are also demanded to build the floors and interior walls of railway carriages, planes and ships.

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