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UPM Plywood Tea House
Biofore Tea House - UPM Grada®
Biofore Concept Car - UPM Grada®
Biofore Concept Car - UPM Grada®
UPM Grada® is used by chair component and office chair manufactures worldwide.
UPM Grada® New Thermoformable Wood Material
UPM Grada® “Laine” panel.
UPM Grada® New Thermoformable Wood Material
Ultralam™ - Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)
Universal Plywoods at Decorex 2017. Photo by Mat Banks
Construction Plywood Formwork Panels and Beams
Metrapol Parasol - LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) award winning structure. Photo by David Franck
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Engineered timber products sourced globally for every application.

WISA Plywood
Ultralam Plywood
UPM Grada Plywood
UPM - The Biofore Company
Rubio monocoat
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Featured Products

WISA-Form Birch

WISA-Form Birch is a household name in the formworking industry, a universal casting panel that can be used in numerous different app...


WISA-Multiwall is a high quality and elastic lining panel for end uses where a good looking surface material with high resistance is ne...


WISA-Trans is a multilayer laminated plywood panel with a slip resistant pattern. The product is intended for use as flooring in the tr...

WISA-Hexa Grip

WISA-Hexa Grip is a plywood panel coated with brown or grey film and imprinted with a hexagonal pattern intended for use as flooring in...

UPM ProFi Deck 150

Europe’s original design decking. First launched in 2007, UPM ProFi Deck is 10 years old. Although the boards have benefited from ...

UPM Grada

UPM Grada is plywood that can be formed with heat and pressure. The new Grada technology developed by UPM shortens the form pressing pr...

Siberian Larch

Siberian Larch is a very special conifer. While becoming more popular, Siberian Larch is packed with both style and design as well as d...


WISA®-SpruceFR is UPM’s all-in-one solution for sustainable fire retardant building with plywood. UPM Plywood introduces a new fir...


WISA-Wire is a plywood panel coated with dark brown phenolic resin coating with a slip resistant wire mesh pattern. The product is inte...

WELDE Film Face Panels

We at Universal Plywoods are proud to announce our partnership and agency of the WELDE Group’s film face plywood range. WELDE is a br...

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WISA Plywood

WISA® plywood is made from cross laminated veneers of birch or spruce or combinations thereof. The WISA® plywood collection covers both uncoated and coated Birch or Spruce plywood together with lacquered surfaces.WISA® plywood products are manufactured in Europe according to the strictest sustainability principles. By choosing WISA, you have the confidence that the plywood and veneer come only from legal, sustainable sources and conform to all relevant standards and regulations, including the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR).

Extraform H20 extra-beam

Extraform is a leading supplier and specialist in concrete forming panels and beams, located in timber rich regions, Italy, Slovenia and Slovakia. With a unique ability to produce 3-Ply Spruce Yellow Melamine panels that are glued throughout and not framed, Extraform 3-Ply panels can be re-sized and cut down from their 750mm width and 2500 length to any size smaller. Timber responsibily sourced form sustainable forests, Extraform is the right solution for you.

Invernizzi S.p.a. Plywood
Invernizzi S.P.A.
Invernizzi S.p.a.

Invernizzi poplar plywood is a natural product manufactured using poplar veneers (at least 3 layers), which have been overlapped with the vein of each layer running perpendicularly (crossed).
Poplar plywood (or poplar particleboard) is widely used in interiors and its adaptability to a plurality of forms and applications makes it is one of the most common materials used to produce furniture.
Poplar plywood panels are widely used in the building industry to finish interiors, to make doors, windows, door and window frames and floors.

Kronospan OSB

Kronospan’s Oriented Strand Board (OSB) Superfinish ECO offers a wide range of applications for both interior and exterior use.

With excellent load bearing properties and dimensional stability and stiffness, OSB can be used in many different applications very competitively against traditional building materials.

Litewood plywood Nursery
Litewood Plywood
Litewood™ Plywood and LVL

Litewood® Plywood is an well engineered light weight panel with Multiple Layers, Minimize Stress Propagation offering High Dimensional Stability. Where weight and energy consumption plays a roll you can count on this perfect panel solution.

Mass of 1 Panel of 18mm Plywood equals 19.88kg.
The Average Density of the Plywood is 340kg/m³.

Lunawood - Love for the Forest

LUNAWOOD THERMOWOOD is a beautiful, sustainable wood material produced by using natural methods, heat and steam. Thermal modification improves the wood’s properties, thereby expanding the range of applications in which the wood can be used. Thermowood is dimensionally stable, resistant to decay and resin free. It can be used inside or outdoors, in any climate. Lunawood is a non-toxic natural product which is easy to machine and install.

Metrapol Parasol - LVL (Laminated Veneer Lumber) award winning structure. Photo by David Franck
Ultralam - Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Ultralam™ LVL is manufactured using a combination of Nordic Spruce veneers and Nordic Larch veneers which are laminated in the same direction.
Made in a continuous press, LVL is the new age of wood engineering. Ultralam™ is used in roof structures, ceilings, concrete formwork beams, wall and floor frames, lintels for doors and windows, flanges in I-joists and certified scaffold planks.

UPM Grada®  LVL PLywood “Laine” panel.
UPM Grada


UPM Grada is a wood material, which can be formed with heat and pressure. UPM Grada is plywood, but instead of glue, Grada have a thermoplastic coating between the veneer layers. The new Grada technology developed by UPM shortens the form pressing process and increases its efficiency.
For more information about hot forming process, please check out our "About Plywood" page.

UPM ProFi Deck Stone Grey, Pirkkala, FI
UPM ProFi Design Deck range

Design Meets Performance

UPM ProFi range seeks to be the best decking available. Designed and manufactured in Finland and Germany, UPM ProFi provides choice of style and consistency in performance. With its clean design, UPM ProFi Deck offers a fresh and modern alternative to traditional decking.

All UPM ProFi decking choices benefit from double protection: a stain resistant surface and an ultra-durable core that will remain structurally sound whether built on the ground, in the ground or even under water. To some this may seem like over engineering: to us, it is being better by design.

Vinaboard Phenolic Film Face Plywood

Offers you three advantages:

1. Elaborately chosen tree species best fit for coated plywood; Multi-layered feature.

2. Water and weather proof phenolic adhesive of the best quality.

3. Alkali resistent, surface won't decay, good for multiple applications.

Welde Film Face Plywood panels

WELDE Film Face plywood panels are well engineered concrete shuttering boards that have become incredibly popular on most formwork sites in and around South Africa. Produced from full veneer sheets using WBP E-1 water-resistant glues, WELDE panels can be used multiple times. These plywood panels are produced in accordance to European Norms standards (EU Mark). WELDE plywood panels are suitable for use as structural components in concrete forming applications. The boards are produced form sustainable plantations and are FSC and PEFC certified for Green Building Star rated projects.

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